A reminder

A reminder

Why do you cry?

Just because you know that he passed away.

Why do you mourn?

Just because it happened so sudden.

Why do you grieve?

Just because it’s devastating.

Even though it’s right,

Even though it makes sense.

But what of all the memories,

Of all the joys and smiles.

Of all the time spent with him

Of all the sweet laugh of his.

He never left us

He never went away,

He never said goodbye.

He is our Hero

He is a caring brother,

He is a loving son,

He is a beloved husband,

He is my inspiration,

He is my strength.

He is my Dad.

He is my Baba jee.

He’ll always be.

Why my smile is so much like his?

Why my hands and feet look so much as his?

Why all my actions and habits and thinking matches his?

Do you not feel his presence within me?

He is here.

He’ll always be.

He made us strong.

He made us wise.

He made us proud.

He made us believe in the reality of life.

He told us that we will not always dwell in this temporary world.

I say with pride that I’m his daughter

With all Blood and Soul.


Today’s quote.

I was reading ” The ministry of utmost happiness “. These lines are just stuck in my mind.